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Building Consistency on the Fireground

All deliveries leverage the same concepts as the book, but are tailored in length and specifically for audience needs. These can also be tailored to fit rural/small town or blended response area discussions.

Course Abstract

Consistent tactics and strategies on the fireground are achieved through three main elements: 1) experience, 2) training, and 3) developed Standard Operating Guidelines/Procedures. This is a discussion to achieve fireground objectives by developing consistent operational standards which adhere to safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. This approach begins with an honest self-assessment of an agency’s capabilities in relation to service delivery, constrained by: 1. Resources, 2. Staffing, and 3. Response area characteristics. Secondly, the discussion focuses on developing SOGs which take into consideration this self-assessment and provide examples of guidelines which will provide templates of operational success (safe, effective, and efficient) on a consistent basis. Finally, it will conclude by discussing the importance of fire ground experience and an effective training program to guarantee
discipline and effective decision making.
Not all fires are the same; however, the fire ground dictates the need for a game plan which will foster consistency.

It should be noted that this class is tailored toward suburban/urban settings; however is not exclusionary toward rural fire departments.
Request an offering of Building Consistency on the Fireground for a conference or department near you.


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