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Suburban Fire Tactics is a more than a course, website and a book. It is a dynamic conversation led by Jim Silvernail, a battalion chief with significant experience engaging fire and initiating rescues in suburbs of St. Louis. Suburban Fire Tactics is a forum to research, document and share the challenges and solutions encountered by firefighters and fire department administrators operating in urban interfaces.

Suburban Fire Tactics is not a be-all, cure-all conclusion to the ailments, hazards and challenges that evolve daily in our industry. Just as the science, infrastructure, tools and mentalities change, so should the tactics used to complete our fundamental mission- to save life, mitigate hazards and preserve property.

Get fully involved with Suburban Fire Tactics through this forum,  Twitter, Facebook or invite us to participate in your local discussion. Your personal insight will help ensure the future of our industry, and the saftey of our members and communities.

Metro West Fire Protection District 3344

Metro West Fire Protection District 3344

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