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Fireground inspiration……. February 14, 2016

Posted by Jim Silvernail in Combat Ready for Suburbia.
I was reminded yesterday on a fire how important experienced company officers and interior benchmarking are in reference to initial fire attack. SOGs are essential, but they are only as good as the people who implement them. It can mean the difference between operational success and failure, failure being loss of life or property (in our world).
Can one learn from a book what hot feels like or when their initial attack line is pinned down? There is only one way to know that the interior conditions of a structure fire are not changing and overwhelming. EXPERIENCE of the fireground. The company officer in question is an aggresive, hard nosed firefighter. Instead of futily trying to push into a situation which his handline was not affecting, he quickly diverted “fire power”,” made a second push and contained the fire to two rooms (fully flashed). BRAVO!
It is not my intent to judge capabilities or put down the neophite. It is my intent to illustrate the importance of expertise in this profession and to encourage the pursuit of “fireground” education.
Short and sweet, but to the point.   It is funny how this job inspires a random post……..


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