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A New Collaboration June 3, 2013

Posted by Jim Silvernail in Combat Ready for Suburbia.

I’m thankful to become the newest contributing author for Fire Ops Online. My newest article, Effective vs. Efficient, A Lesson in Creative Fire Tactics is now available through Frank Viscuso’s, my friend and fellow author, website. I’m proud of this outstanding opportunity that Frank has extended to me.

Effective vs. Efficient: A lesson in Creative Fire Tactics

There is absolutely no doubt that there is an epidemic in America. Fire Departments across the nation have braced for budgetary downfalls and major cutbacks from city hall. Fire Chiefs and Commissioners have been forced to tighten the bottom line and even cut companies.

One option we have in suburban America is to use and embrace of the elements of the “quint” concept. The quint concept and partial quint concept have been widely accepted in this demographic due to the lack of adequate resources, lower fire volumes and the pursuit of efficiency. The use of the quint concept system; however, is not limited to suburban application. In fact, more urban agencies are turning to the concept to attempt to solve the problems of budgetary downfalls. Is this trend for everyone?

This subject may be controversial; however, my intent is not to suggest or dictate a better system for your agency. My intent is to stimulate your thought process and to facilitate the assessment of your agency’s needs in relation to tactics and strategies. This is not a time to remain close-minded and to relax with tradition. Those who rest on tradition and history have no future.

Read the rest of this article on Fire Ops Online.



1. Nick Morgan - June 3, 2013

Great article Jim! As one who has spent 22 years working with the St Louis FD “Total Quint Concept”, and the new Modified Quint
concept, and genuinely likes quints, the observations and cautions in your article are very accurate. Every department must thoroughly research their options and find what will work best for them. Chief Svetanics truly did his homework when he impemented this concept. Even though it’s up to the company officers and firefighters to make it work, support from department leadership is critical to success in both effecteivenss and efficiency.

2. Timothy Bullard - June 3, 2013

Congratulations Chief!

3. Jim Silvernail - June 4, 2013

Thank you for the support! Nick, I really value your opinion. I am looking for different points of perspective on this subject. Tim…Thank you as well!

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