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Suggested Operating Guidelines or Incident Management System? September 13, 2012

Posted by Jim Silvernail in Combat Ready for Suburbia.

One of the main elements which drives SFT is the NEED to incorporate all essential fire ground functions into the fire ground, especially truck company functions (where many times where dedicated truck companies aren’t available), in order to develop the ideal coordinated fire attack, ensure fire ground safety, and to develop consistency.

This statement leads to my overdue question of the week/month to ponder: Predominantly what organizes your fire ground operations, is it SOG or IMS driven? In other words, do your officers go straight to work on arrival or do they have to be directed by your Incident Commanders? What works best for you and what factors should be taken into consideration or corrected to make your system work?Once again, I think this leads back to the main word: PROFICIENCY. However, I want to hear your answer. Keep in mind that I take this conversation very seriously and I always incorporate it into my writings and lectures. You might see your example used at FDIC…..thank you!

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1. Chris Huston (@engineco22) - September 13, 2012

Typically the first due engine Officer initiates the plays according to department SOGS. These functions include: inital IAP, water supply, size up and assessment, life safety issues, line deployment, forcible entry requirements and working Command. The district BC can arrive with the engine or later depending on location in the disctrict. Personal expirience has shown most times the first arriving company officer’s IAP just grows in scope once the BC arrives.

Great topic to discuss!

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